Typar® Premium Landscape Fabric - 1.9 OZ

$466.78 ea. + Shipping
Part Number:DW-TY3201C-041-RL


7399 Cubic Inch Roll

*Please Note: Product shipping delays are expected to be 4-6 weeks as a result of a backlog at the factory.

This roll of premium TYPAR landscaping fabric measures 151' X 300' for a total of 3724 cubic inches and consists of 1.9 oz Premium landscape fabric. Your roll ships folded to 6 Feet in one 60 pound package for convenience and economy.

TYPAR® Landscape Fabric is a unique, lightweight landscape fabric that blocks weeds while letting water and nutrients in. Made from a unique, spun-bonded textile, TYPAR Landscape fabric is lightweight and easy to install. The fabric comes in smooth rolls and does not tear, fray, or puncture easily but is easily trimmed with a utility knife or shears. No special equipment required.

TYPAR Landscape Fabric is ideal for:

  • Flower beds and gardens
  • Planters and pot liners
  • Under mulch and rock
  • Behind retaining walls
  • Weed Control
  • Planter and Pot Drainage
  • Under Wood Decks
  • Timber Retaining Walls
  • Blind Drains
  • Brick or Block Patios and Walks
  • Interceptor Trench Drains

Note: Typar Products in other widths and lengths are available by custom quote

Note: Shipping Costs are Custom Quoted
Note: Typar Landscape Fabrics are NOT UV-Protected

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