Hydrosource PVA

Hydrosource brand polyvinyl acetate (PVA) is a high quality vinyl acetate polymer developed for dust control. It is designed to control dust in agriculture and on dirt & gravel roads, dirt helicopter pads and airplane runways, construction projects, mining operations, and dirt race tracks.

At the recommended rate, Hydrosource PVA will form a solid crust that virtually eliminates wind, water, and mechanical erosion-caused dust for the life of the product. Hydrosource PVA holds soil and dust down for weeks to years depending upon the application and amount used ensuring erosion and dust compliance and maximizing the durability of roads, parking lots and drainage projects.

PVA binds nutrients, weed seeds, and pathogenic organisms, keeping them in the field or onsite improving fertility and protecting waterways and ground water. Used yearly on millions of acres throughout the USA and the world, PVA has gained widespread acceptance as the low cost exceptionally effective solution to resolve erosion and runoff contamination.

Hydrosource PVA is available as an emulsion in barrels and totes.

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Hydrosource PVA 441 Pound Drum
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Hydrosource PVA 2205 lb. Cage Tote
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