PAM Slow Release Logs for Pivot Irrigation

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Part Number:PAMSRLog10Lb4Box
Hydrosource PAM Slow Release Logs prevent the formation of deep wheel ruts in pivot irrigation systems by structure stabilization of the soil, thus also preventing nutrient runoff and sediment beneath irrigation wheel tracks. 

Hydrosource PAM Slow Release Logs may be hung over the wheel track tower. As the sprinkler slowly dissolves the material in each hanging net, the PAM material is slowly released into the soil, stabilizing the material and preventing the pivot from being stuck in a rut that is too deep for the sprinkler to move through. This product works best in areas of high flow, where wheel ruts would normally form quickly. Hydrosource PAM Slow Release Logs last approximately 6 months in operation. Reduce pivot maintenance costs while increasing water infiltration in and around the wheel tracks in the soil by using Hydrosource PAM Slow Release Logs at the beginning of the growing season.

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