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The finest water-absorbing polymer in the world


Instructions: Place 1/2 contents of this packet into an 8 oz. glass of water. Watch for 10-15 minutes as the crystals fully absorb the water.

HydroSource is a superior water-absorbing synthetic polymer whose primary benefit is the dramatic increase in long-term, water holding capacity of soils. When HydroSource is mixed or tilled into the soil, it absorbs and retains water (via irrigation or natural precipitation) for extended periods, thus significantly increasing water availability to plants.


HYDROSOURCE LONGEVITY: HydroSource has superior longevity, compared with other similar products on the market. Tests in the United Kingdom show HydroSource is still more than 95% effective after five years in stable soil – thus leading experts within the industry to predict the actual lifespan may prove to be even longer.

HIGHEST QUALITY/PROVEN PERFORMANCE: We believe HydroSource is the finest all-around water-absorbing polymer in the world. Initially developed six years ago in the United Kingdom, it is now a tried-and-proven product with more than five years use in several dozen countries throughout the world.

ABSORPTION RATES: HydroSource absorbs 400 times its density in deionized water and in the 150-350 range in most Rocky Mountain soils – with the limiting factor being the salt content of the soil and water. In practical terms, this means that one pound of crystals will absorb and hold from 15 to 40 gallons of water in the soil.

REDUCES WATERING FREQUENCY: When properly applied, HydroSource can reduce watering frequency by 50 – 75% in potted plants, 15 – 40% on lawns and golf courses, and in the 20 – 40% range for most irrigated field crops. Its water storage capability significantly reduces stress periods in virtually all plants by providing extra reserve water, stored in the hydrated crystals. The additional water stored in HydroSource is 96 – 99% available to plants.

IMPROVES SOIL CONDITIONS: HydroSource significantly improves available water holding capacity of sandy soil – by as much as 600% – plus increases infiltration rates of water through clay soils by the constant hydraulic expansion and contraction of the crystals as they absorb and release water to thirsty plant roots.

REDUCES LEACHING LOSSES OF FERTILIZERS / NUTRIENTS: Due to relatively free ion exchange, HydroSource absorbs, stores and releases soluble fertilizer and nutrients almost as readily as it handles water, therefore decreasing losses to leaching of both fertilizers – especially nitrogen – and nutrients.

INCREASED GERMINATION AND IMPROVED EARLY GROWTH: When HydroSource is placed in the seed row, emergence is increased for most plants, and early growth and survival of seedlings is improved.

TREES AND SHRUBS: HydroSource “fine” (pulverized granules) makes an excellent, inexpensive bareroot dip to promote survival in transport and transplanting of tree and shrub seedlings, and HydroSource “standard” crystals provide extra, long-term water storage for the tree and shrub root systems.

HERBICIDES AND GROWTH REGULATORS: If herbicides and/or growth regulators have been or are to be used in HydroSource treated fields or growing medium, it is recommended that trials first be carried out to determine the effect of using HydroSource with either as HydroSource in some cases may increase the effectiveness of the herbicide or growth regulator just as it increases the effectiveness of fertilizers. Normal fertilization practices should be included as part of the trials.

ECONOMICAL: Due to previous high cost of the product in the United States, its use has been primarily limited to nursery, houseplant and landscaping applications. Now, with lower overhead and large bulk purchases from the manufacturer, we are making it economically available for most applications.

APPLICATION RATES: HydroSource application rates generally fall in the 5 – 15 lb. per acre range when drilled into or banded near the seed row, while broadcasting rates for specialized uses such as lawns and athletic fields may require applications in the 80 – 400 lbs. per acre range. The key is to get the HydroSource distributed evenly in appropriate amounts within the normal root growth area of a particular plant.

THE KEY TO SUCCESS: HydroSource’s long effective lifespan, its proven high performance, and low cost combine to make it a practical, profitable water-absorbing polymer of choice for literally hundreds of agricultural, landscaping, revegetation, turf, gardening and houseplant applications. More polyacrylamide is not necessarily better, and correct applications in the right places are extremely important to achieve maximum performance.

Please consult with your sales representative or other polyacrylamide application expert concerning both rates and application techniques, but also remember the basic rule. HydroSource is most effective when proper amounts are worked uniformly into soil zone areas where the plant’s feeder roots normally grow.

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SAFETY HANDLING: This product has been determined to be non-hazardous by 29 CFR 1910.1200 (OSHA Hazard Communication Standard). Handle with good agricultural hygiene practices. Store away from children, food stuffs, pets and livestock. Wash hands after use. Contents; 94% co-polymer of polyacrylamide (cross linked); 5 – 6% moisture; and residue less than 0.1% monomer.

WARNING NOTICE: The information contained within this leaflet is as accurate as to the product’s capabilities and limitations as defined by present research. The leaflet is intended for general use of HydroSource. It should not be construed as a guarantee of its suitability for a particular application. Western Polyacrylamide, Inc. offers no warranties either expressed or implied, nor is liability accepted for errors or omissions in the information.

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