DeWitt® 20 Year WeedBarrier - 4.1oz

$433.54 ea. + Shipping
Part Number:20 YR-12250F


10656 Cubic Inch Roll

*Please Note: Product shipping delays are expected to be 4-6 weeks as a result of a backlog at the factory.

The original DeWitt Weed-Barrier® 20 Year is the best in the industry for cost-conscious professional and commercial installations. It is also ideal for retail consumers who demand professional quality products. Our DeWitt Weed-Barrier® 20 Year is a 4.1 oz., woven polypropylene, needle-punched fabric with reinforced fiber for extra moisture control and helps the fabric stay put on sloped areas. Colored stripes located 12 inches apart make for easy planting. Our complete line of fabrics is available in bulk sizes for larger commercial and residential projects. Folded to 6 feet.

Note: DeWitt Products in other widths and lengths are available by custom quote

Note: Shipping Costs are Custom Quoted

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