2-Pack of Cone-tainer RL200 Trays with 400 UV Stable Cells

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Part Number:Cone-32-2

The Cone-tainer is a cone-shaped UV-stabilized plastic container designed to hold potting soil into which you can plant seeds - the seeds germinate and produce plants which can be transplanted into the soil. The Cone-tainer tubes we sell are held upright in a custom plastic rack that holds 200 tubes. The Cone-tainer rack with tubes assembly can be placed in a plastic storage container that can be used to hold water and nutrient solution filled to touch the bottom of the tubes, which makes a simple hydroponic growing system. Sterilite makes inexpensive plastic storage containers in sizes that will hold the tray and tube assembly, available from retailers like Walmart.

The advantage of Cone-tainers over other conventional plant-starting plastic six-packs used by plant nurseries is the root systems of the seedlings started in Cone-tainers are much larger, better developed and are in the shape of a planting dibble (a cone-shaped rod) commonly used in the forestry business. Therefore, the root systems of the seedlings are disturbed as little as possible during the transplant process. Cone-tainers are very durable and will last for many planting seasons.

In the case of using Cone-tainer grown seedlings with landscape fabric, a propane torch is used to melt an appropriately sized hole in the landscape fabric - sealing the fabric edges so they don't unravel. The seedling's root system is placed in the soil after an appropriately shaped and a sized hole in the soil is fashioned. Instead of a dibble, a tool like a tire iron can be used to make the planting hole in the soil.

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